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  • 11 November 2015

    • Christiana
      27 Wednesday 2016
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    • Medford
      26 Tuesday 2016
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    • Ruvell
      26 Tuesday 2016
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    • Cheyenne
      25 Monday 2016
      Miko, the TIMN Evolution Model deals with social evolution, which you seem to have <a href="">ove.eookedrStevl,</a> Dennett&#39;s thesis makes sense to me, as I see this mentality on the Right all the time. I had hoped that Obama would be different on this point, but it is still too early to tell. His impending decisions on Afghanistan will be telling.Smitty, my h/t to you to be forewarned regarding your driving experience in NC, as I drive IS 85 into Durham frequently, in the pack at 75-80 mph, past small towns that probably need the revenue now more than ever.
    • Tangie
      24 Sunday 2016
      IMHO you've got the right anrwes!