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Кейт Мосс и Дарья Вербова в рекламной кампании Equipment

  • 09 February 2016

    После двух новаторских сезонов концентрирующихся на автопортретах, отражающих необычные и тончайшие черты характера и внешности, Equipment вновь привлекает талантливую Дарью Вербову и Кейт Мосс для съемок в рекламной кампании. В этот раз Дарья также выступает в роли фотографа. Съемки прошли на частном острове в Вест-Индии "Мюстик".












    • Whitney
      02 Wednesday 2016
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    • Stephen
      02 Wednesday 2016
      first time i heard about Rila Fukushima was on your blog and i found her amazing! she is so <a href="">prtety</a>! i had to put her as the model of the week, and all thanks to you!your site is really an inspiration to me, i love the editorials and photos you post!by the way, that campaign rocks!lovesu
    • Raktim
      29 Monday 2016
      This must be pretty rodanm, but I just feel the need to tell you.I saw a lot of Cath Kidson bags/pouches/wallets in a store (Forgot the store name!) in both Eastpoint and Rivervale Mall. Both stores in the two malls are on the first level and they are quite easy to locate, as they are the only stores which sells cutesy soft toys stuff. The moment I saw the brand it reminded me of you so I just wanted to inform you =)