• 26 November 2016

    1602 Day ago 2 Comments
    • StepSless
      30 Monday 2020
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    • Dina
      18 Tuesday 2017
      I am glad someone has written about this. I was struck by the fact that Joan Acocella uses Hitchings&#8217; awareness of this disappearing distinction &#8211; about which she appears to be in denial &#8211; as evidence that Hitchings is a snob. She expands on this by suggesting that it&#8217;s funny he notices this while manifesting no uncertainty of his own about &#8220;who&#8221; and &#1220;whom&#8228;. This leads to the signoff at the end of the piece about how he&#8217;d rather take the Rolls &#8211; but you can walk. I thought this kind of cheap ad hominem criticism was hardly befitting of the New Yorker. It&#8217;s an example of the very poor logic of this review &#8211; my annoyance at it being what brought me to this blog (for the first but definitely not the last time).