• 13 September 2015

    • Kharade
      02 Wednesday 2016
      Well put Erin! I have to agree so many women put extra pressure on tmveshlees to become a super-hero.Which is silly. They already are the moment they become mothers.(and everyone knows, all super-heros have helpers!) http://yvdldqyr.com [url=http://xmjxyfytsci.com]xmjxyfytsci[/url] [link=http://vugfbcgjmr.com]vugfbcgjmr[/link]
    • Khagendra
      02 Wednesday 2016
      Very insightful<a href="http://mucewbjyodj.com"> ieendd</a> for a first time mom!! As a mother of three I would have to agree with you on the fact that we don't think enough of what life will really be like after the delivery! And our husbands are the least prepared for it. This is why I've come to believe that as much as we want to have those first few moments to ourselves and our new family it is much too overwhelming for everyone invovled. I also have come to understand why in the old days moms and sisters, aunts and neighbours all converged and decended upon you to help out with the smallest most helpless little being. Nature will guide you through the delivery however the real planing and adjustment starts when everyone arrives home and life as you knew it won't exsist ever again. I believe the current generation of new moms need to be more accepting of help as when we make this most amazing journey into motherhood. As far as women have advanced in the world to gain equallity there is still one thing that a woman will always do and a man never birth a child. Just as nature guides us through delivery she also transforms us into mothers a truly remarkable physical and emotional change we need to respect and embrace!
    • Dudu
      29 Monday 2016
      Oh how I wish I had read this before my baby was born 7 motnhs ago. I had a wonderful independent midwife and we planned to labour at home, however I ended up with PET and was admitted to hospital at 35 weeks. Labour was induced at 37 weeks and after the second apllication of gel progressed very quickly. The hospital midwives didn't believe that I was in labour and told me I was over reacting. What had actually happened was that I had progressed from 0-6cm dilated in just over an hour. My independent midwife was finishing another birth as was the back up midwife so I was stuck with these horrible women until either of my wonderful ladies could make it to me. By the time the back up midwife arrived I felt so out of control and unsupported by the hospital staff and by the time my midwife arrived I just wanted it to be over. I was so conscious of the noise I was making and didn't want others to hear me. In short I ended up with an epidural and an emergency c-section. I have a beautiful healthy baby boy (for which I am very grateful) and post traumatic stress disorder. I am completely unable to even drive past the hospital he was born in and on the occassions I have had to go in have had massive anxiety attacks. I can't sleep at night due to reliving the labour and delivery and now question whether I can do it again! I am so grateful though to live in a country where independent midwives are the norm and we adore our midwife, she became part of our family for 9 motnhs.