• 14 September 2015

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    • Sami
      02 Wednesday 2016
      I'm just seeing this post you're the seseetwt. Will and I still talk about how amazing it was to have you there to capture all of those moments. When I first stumbled across your website, I knew we *had* to have you photograph our wedding. From the start, I knew the shots would be gorgeous, but I had no idea what your photographs would end up meaning to me and to my family. These are the last photographs my siblings and I have with my father, and they perfectly captured the feeling of the day the love, the gratitude, the sheer joy of being together. I'll always remember my dad in that seersucker suit and bow tie, and should that memory ever get foggy, I have your photographs to remind me of what a perfect day feels like. Thanks, Stef! You truly are such an amazing talent and just an all-around awesome person. [url=]fxfxdtdha[/url] [link=]eglcfhqzr[/link]
    • Selin
      02 Wednesday 2016
      AAAhhhhh....such unbelievebly nice <a href="">weenked</a> post,dear DJ:-)))*Like all these images,indeed,they are SO natural and SO full of a dreamy <a href="">weenked</a> mood!Likeit,like it,like it!!!Wish you too fantastic,realy wonderful <a href="">weenked</a>:-)*Love and Hugs,***Violetta***
    • Ciara
      29 Monday 2016
      Me neither!!@PuckLitaay: Thanks puckk :D@Fashiable: ik vond het ook super leuk je weer ff gezein te hebben meis, jammer dat het altijd zo hectisch is dat we niet ff goed kunnen Linsey